Why Us?

Experience and Passion

We are a Veteran owned company. We want to see our veterans succeed, in the same way that we ourselves have succeeded.  We measure our success by their own.
Our Company Leaders have a combined experience level of 20+ years working in IT
Solutions and Logistics. We know a thing or two about the products you need and
Technology support industry itself.

Fresh Methods

We come from an industry that has gone stagnant, we aren't afraid to admit it; and you shouldn't be afraid to call us on it.  Methods of delivering business and innovation within markets we want to work in, have not changed or evolved with the world around us.  From day one, we plan on delivering business in a way that is more efficient and more secure.  Empowering the end customer (The Student) with the knowledge and confidence to do things for themselves.


While also expanding into markets, not previously touched on by our predecessors.


We want you to feel like you've been heard and we genuinely want to hear from you.  By creating multiple open lines of communication, public forums and newsletters, as well as operating as transparently as possible.

Competitive pricing

Hey, the money needs to be mentioned at some point.  We have worked extensively at designing a product-line up that delivers exactly what the Student needs, and cuts out any frills that they don't.  As well as developed a network of providers and vendors, unique to our own competitors.  The end result is a product that will keep up with changing technology, at a price that is below other options that will lag behind.

 Address. 5438 Carl Ct. San Jose, CA 95123

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