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Veteran Vocational Rehabilitation

Serving those, who have served for us.  The VA Vocational Rehabilitation program is just one of the many ways that the Department of Veteran's Affairs assists Veterans in returning to the civilian world.  As they do so, Veterans need computers, smart devices, photography equipment, and other assorted pieces of technology.  As well as the knowledge and support to use them.  We are a proud provider of technology to this service.

Adult Vocational Rehabilitation

There are a number of City and State programs out there to assist adult learners in getting back on their feet and into the work force; and we want to be there to do our part along that journey.  Providing the same excellent services and products we do to our Veteran community, also made available to our  civilian community and work force.

Inmate Rehabilitation

Sometimes we fall down, but it is imperative that we get back up.  We partner with
correctional rehabilitation program leaders to provide U.S. Inmates with the equipment
and support they need.  We are proud to be doing our part in giving people a chance to re-enter society and thrive again.

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